The Mountain People are a barbarian culture from the White Mountains. They are the tribesmen of Wallachia and are know to use whips to hunt. The young Simon Belmont was rescued, raised and trained by the Mountain People to improve his skills to prepare himself to battle Dracula once and for all and avenge his parents.[1] Simon grew up with the Mountain People, and after many years Simon, who had now achieved more of an illustrious reputation than his father, was finally ready and set out to confront and end his Grandfather.


  1. Lords of Shadow 2

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  • Simon's care under the mountain tribes.

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    • I am curious to know where this information that states where the brotherhood handed Simon over to the tribes. because i remember in the cutsc...
    • Simon never got handed by the Brotherhood. He was rescued by mountain tribes after the death of Sypha cutscene.

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