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Morris Baldwin
Morris Baldwin
Japanese name
Mōrisu Bōrudouin
(Maurice Baldwin)
Date of birth
19th century

Hugh Baldwin (son)
Nathan Graves (apprentice)

Morris Baldwin is Hugh's father and a veteran vampire hunter. He and Nathan's parents sealed Count Dracula 10 years ago. Morris does not believe in favoritism and therefore chose Nathan as his successor instead of his own son.

He and his apprentices went to Camilla's castle in 1830 to prevent his resurrection. However, they were too late and Dracula was awakened by her. He lacked his full power, though, and prepared a ritual to drain Morris' life force to replenish his own powers.

Official backgroundEdit

Morris is Nathan's Master and is teaching him the skills necessary to combat Dracula and his minions. He and Nathan's parents succeeded in banishing Dracula 10 years previously. He chose Nathan as his successor over his own son, Hugh, and passed on the Hunter Whip.


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