"As the monks fell to the plague and more indulgent lifestyles, this sacred place fell into disrepair. Now, rumors suggest that criminals and strange creatures have taken refuge within its once-holy walls."
—In-game description.

The Monastery is a location in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. It is the first known base of operations for Albus after he stole Dominus; the second stage of the game and the first stage with a complete set of enemies.


The first full fledged level, the Monastery features a bunch of weak enemies who rely more on numbers than on strength to get at the player. It also has only one point of entry and exit, two save rooms, and two teleport rooms, one at the ground level and one near the boss.

There's one secret area hiding a Heart Max Up, and one breakable platform containing some red drops. The vast majority of enemies here are zombies who constantly raise from the ground in certain rooms, and Ghosts which float around in the air and constantly spawn from either side of the rooms they haunt. They function a bit like slow Medusa Heads, but without the sine wave patterns and with an occasional homing charge.

By far, the most formidable enemy here is the Bone Scimitar. They're not tough on their own but in the last corridor before the second save point room, they are found alongside huge numbers of respawning zombies, which complicates things a bit.

In Hard Mode, the place becomes more dangerous with the addition of axe armors, bone archers and increased numbers of bats and ghosts. At the same time, this means that Shanoa can get access to Ascia and Arcus earlier than on Normal.


  • Tofu can be found in this stage. Once rescued, he will stay at Laura's home in Wygol Village.
  • The Cubus glyph is found in the western room of this map, but obtaining it early in the game is impossible.


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