Mollusca is an enemy in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. It is a monstrous mollusk imbued with the castle's dark power.


The Mollusca is a giant slug-like enemy which belongs to the species of the mollusks. It has no shell and attacks by simply touching its enemy, which causes poisoning.

Its soul, Summon Mollusca, is somewhat valuable as it is required at one point in the Joyeuse's forging path (combine it with a Fragarach to forge a Hrunting).

Enemy DataEdit

20 Mollusca Monyumonyu 55 60 25
Tolerance Weakness
Bashing, Clockwork (unaffected) Fire, Water, Electric, Dark, Holy
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul EXP
Garden of Madness Anti-Venom (8%) - Summon Mollusca (16%) 80
Description "A monstrous mollusk imbued with the castle's dark power."

Soul DataEdit

A Mollusca will spawn in front of Soma and advance forward, damaging everything it comes in contact with.


  • A more advanced version of the Mollusca, the Giant Slug, actually has a snail-like shell with spikes.

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