The Scary Candle, Trick Candle, and Mimic Candle are enemies in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


The Scary Candle, Trick Candle, and Mimic Candle resemble normal candles (although they are colored differently), but are actually enemies which materialize when attacked. When struck by a weapon, they will transform into a frail-looking humanoid creature made out of wax and fall to the floor, where they will melt away in a very short time.

Each one of these secret enemies will only appear after a particular boss has been defeated. They are found in rooms that usually have been explored long ago and where the player normally wouldn't have any reason to visit again.

They are similar in function to the Mimics found in other games, which pose as treasure chests.

Scary CandleEdit

Found in the Iron Golem's boss room in the Machine Tower once the twin Dragon Zombies have been defeated. Has a chance to drop the Uranus Card. Due to its quick self-destruction time, it is difficult to kill.

Scary Candle スケアリーキャンドル 150 900
ATK DEF Location
300 300 Machine Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Heart Ex (0.8%) Uranus Card (0.6%)
Resistance Poison

Trick CandleEdit

Found in the Cerberus' boss room in the Catacomb once Camilla has been defeated. Has a chance to drop the Pluto Card, although a lot of kills may be required since they rarely drop the card, which is quite valuable.

Trick Candle トリックキャンドル 200 1,400
ATK DEF Location
400 400 Catacomb
Common Drop Rare Drop
Heart Mega (0.5%) Pluto Card (0.4%)
Resistance Poison

Mimic CandleEdit

Found in the long corridor inhabited by Skeleton Athletes in the Audience Room once Death has been defeated. Has a chance to drop the Gambler Armband. Once struck, it will fall to the floor and melt away, so it has to be killed quickly.

Mimic Candle ミミックキャンドル 990 6,600
ATK DEF Location
600 600 Audience Room
Common Drop Rare Drop
Heart (10%) Gambler Armband (2%)
Resistance Poison

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