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  • Hey again,

    I've been trying to work with the episode infobox, trying to add a "Episode Guide" header, but I don't know how. Unfortunately, I'm not used to the old infobox markup, so I don't know how to add a header in an infobox, and I may need your help with that. 

    This is an example of how it looks now: 

    Season 1, Episode 1
    Castlevania Netflix Series S01E01 Witchbottle
    July 7, 2017
    Warren Ellis
    Sam Deats

    ◄ Previous Next►
    {{{previous}}} Necropolis

    I'm having trouble with making a border around the header. It seems to be attatched to the "director" row. I don't know how to separate them. 

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  • Hey there!

    As you've probably noticed, I've recently started editing in this wikia. Nevertheless, I do have an idea for the appearances template for the netflix characters. I was thinking we could change the design to this:

    Appearances template

    I got this template from Famous In Love Wikia, and I have seen it in other wikis too. I think this would be a more effective way of showing the appearances of a character, because there will be more than 4 episodes in the second season, and this format is better. Plus it is collapsible. 

    Let me know what you think! :)

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  • Hey man, how have you been? Still working as I slave, I suppose. XD

    I was wondering if you think this "Back to Top" button could be implemented into the wiki. I believe it would help us (well, at least me) much when editing individual sections in long pages, by avoiding having scroll up and down several times.

    I've already asked this to Nagumo (in fact, this post is just a measly copy/paste stamp from when I asked her :P), but neither her nor I seem to have the necessary permissions to edit the MediaWiki:Common.js, so I was wondering if you could do it.

    Thanks for reading... Oh! And let's not forget about the new colors and backgrounds for the wiki. Bye!

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    • Well, I asked already and they told me that CSS is already enabled but JS is still down globally. So I guess we have no other option than to wait until everything comes back to normal.

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    • Okay, it appears the MediaWiki:Common.js is editable again. I added the code, although not really knowing what I was doing, nor where to put it correctly.

      Up until now, I haven't seen any changes, the "Back to Top" button doesn't appear yet. Additionally, something about needing it to be "reviewed" appeared in the box to the right, so I sent it to be reviewed (whatever that means).

      Would you give it a look too, please, and maybe fix it if I messed up.

      Thanks in advance.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Chernabogue, glad to make your acquaintance.

    I've recently started a poll regarding a new color scheme theme design for the wiki and I'd love to hear your opinion.

    Please follow this link and make your vote count!

    Best regards. Have a nice day. :)

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  • A while ago, Wikia made some major changes to their main layout, the most noticeable being the new forced big font. It also messed with the editors, putting a huge useless gray block on the right side of the editing fields for both Visual and Source editors.

    Unfortunately, it also messed with the new infoboxes. All the time it took to test which widths titles and data should have to keep an entry in a single line have now got screwed. How should we proceed? Should we re-design the infoboxes or wait until those numbnuts fix this?

    You can read more about it here: Layout Changes: Breakpoints and Typography

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    • Maybe we can implement a whole new infobox with the new tabber thing once I get back. Will try to visit once in a while but don't know if it'll be possible. Back in September for sure! :)

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    • Sounds great.

      Again, good luck on your trip. Bye!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Chernabogue,

    I just started a Bloodstained wiki. Since its a spiritual successor to the Castlevania series, would it perhaps be a good idea for the CV wiki and the Bloodstained wiki to become affiliates?

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  • Hi Chern.

    I was planning to put all images' captions in italics for all types of infoboxes. I think they look better that way (check here), but I really wanted to ask for your opinion first, before I start making any more changes.


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  • Hi there, Chernabogue.

    A while ago I proposed user Estebant if he'd like to become an administrator. He has done so much work here and contributed a lot in this wiki's development, that I firmly believe he should have access to all locked pages and other features on the wiki. Please, let me know what you think.

    Baygón! ;)

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    • Thank you for everything as always, Chernabogue. I'm sure adding Estebant to the team was a wise decision.


      P.S.: Can your name be abbreviated simply as "Cherna", or should it be spelled complete always. If the former, would it be alright if I refer to you like that from now on?
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    • You can use "Chern" if you want. ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi again, Chernabogue.

    A few moments ago I started a poll to see if you'd like Dialogue Tables to appear within articles or in a separate sub-page, and I would also love to hear your opinion. Come visit the main thread HERE and make your voice be heard! XD


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  • Hey man,you know Symphony of the Night,right? So,i guess you're not gonna be so much interested on the subject,because it is about glitching the game.It's just something that i just discovered.Me and my brother are what you could call Explorers,we just found stuff in SotN,glitches,etc.So,i just discovered that Lord Dracula,his 3rd form.I believe he is hidden in a hidden room below the ground where you face Shaft,because my brother were glitching around the area,and suddently fell in a dark room.He tried to go up,but a invisible ceiling blocked him.So,i'm sure that Dracula hides at the other castle,in the same room.Just a information,not needed at all,i guess.

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