Mechanical Monstrosity
Japanese name
Appears in Lords of Shadow
Location Electric Laboratory (Chapter 7), The Clockwork Tower (Chapter 8)
Health Points
Experience Points
Skill Points
Tolerances Dagger x2, Fairy x3
Weaknesses Explosive Dagger, Light Fairy, Holy Water, Crystal x2

One of the bosses in Lords of Shadow, it was a creation of the mad scientist Friedrich von Frankenstein. It is faced in the Electric Laboratory, when finishing the last part of the level's puzzle. It is later faced again in the Clock Tower, where the fight is much simpler.


44-hud boss mechanicalm
The Monstrosity is pretty slow and predictable, anyone who made this far into the game shouldn't have much problem with him. It attacks with its claws (unblockable) and with lightning bolts. Both attacks are very damaging but easy to avoid. A simple flurry of direct attacks and dodging to the sides when it's about to attack and the beast will go down easily.

After taking out a chunk of his health, the Mechanical Monstrosity will start healing itself using a large lightning machine. Hit the button on the ground with the Black Knight Golem's Dark Gauntlet and the lightning will change color, damaging the boss. Do this a few more times and it will "die".

It returns later in the Clock Tower. Don't worry here, there's a place to refill your magic, so if your health is low, just use Light Magic. Here the Monstrosity will use a magnetic field to create a barrier of metal objects that he can toss. Simply repeat the same strategy as in the first fight, except here the Monstrosity doesn't recover its health. Its attacks are more powerful and it can be hard to avoid when tossing all objects at once, but beyond that, it ain't much of a problem. When its health has almost run out and the creature is stunned, just grab it for the timed event and the fight is over.<gallery>



  • The Mechanical Monstrosity seems like Lords of Shadow version of the Creature, Frankenstein's abomination. Both use lightning to fight, and both were created by Dr. Frankenstein. Besides, the Monstrosity has a fleshy, baby-like core, showing it is a partly organic creature too.
  • The Mechanical Monstrosity bears an uncanny resemblance to the real world whip spider, an arachnid with heavy, spiked pedipalps that it uses to capture prey.

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