Mausoleums are tombs of fallen warriors built by Rinaldo Gandolfi which hide enhancements for the Combat Cross in case the Prophecy's warrior would ever need to make use of them.


Item DataEdit

Item Data: Combat Cross
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Hook Tip Icon Hook Tip - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
The articulated metal tip can be used to grip objects and enemies from a great distance. (...) Gabriel  Find: The Dead Bog
Spiked Chain Icon Spiked Chain - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
With the spiked chain, the Combat Cross can be used to saw through obstacles and to 'tame' dangerous monsters.(...) Gabriel  Find: Underground Caves
Stake Icon Stake - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
Designed to give the Combat Cross even more options for hand-to-hand combat, especially against supernatural creatures of the night.(...) Gabriel  Find: Wygol Village

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