A 15-year old version of Maria Renard is a playable character of the 3D Wii fighting game Castlevania Judgment, which is her first outing in a free roaming 3D game.

Her primary weapon is a pole containing a caged owl, reminiscent of the ones she used in the Dracula X Chronicles version of Symphony of the Night. She can use an attack bird as a sub-weapon, or, like every other character in the game, use any of the traditional sub-weapons. The owl allows her some degree of flight in the game. Whenever Maria hits someone with the bird cage, small cartoonish figures appear temporarily.

Her finisher has her attempting to use a similar protection spell to the one she used on Richter Belmont in Symphony of the Night (if the player is nearly defeated by Dracula in the game's prologue) which invokes upon the power of the four divine beasts of the four symbols (Genbu, Seiryuu, Suzaku and Byakko), but she trips and the spell is cast on her caged owl, which then dive-bombs on her opponent.

Her theme is Slash.


  • On Select Screen: "I'm just the girl for the job!"
  • Short description: A girl with mastery over animals
  • In the beginning of battle: "I may be cute as a button, but I'm tough as nails."
  • During most powerful attack: "This one's special...Come on, everybody!..Give me your strength!"
  • After the fight against Alucard: "Somehow he seemed kinda...sad"
  • After the fight against Cornell: "Your days of hurting people are over"
  • When she sees Carmilla: "Ohmigod! Vampire!" or "They're bigger than mine!"
  • To Simon or Trevor: "That's Richter's whip! stole it?"
  • To Shanoa (in cutscene): "What?! I'm no little girl! Let's go!"
  • After defeating Simon: "To tell the truth, I'm a Belmont too!"
  • When she defeats Simon or Trevor after wrongfully accusing them of stealing the whip: "That'll teach you to steal from others!
  • When she sees Eric: "Wha-oww" after tripping
  • Before fighting The Time Reaper: "Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu, Seiryuu - give me your strength!"
  • When seeing Sypha: "They're huge!" or "Those are sacred gifts!"
  • After winning a battle with her owl's help: "Good boy, Osca!" (Osca is her owl)


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