"Hearing rumors of monsters nearby, he traveled here to further his research. He's a curious man, and won't hesitate to share information."
— In-game description.

Marcel is a character in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. He is one of Wygol's villagers and a distant descendant of the Belmont Clan. He is a reporter visiting town.


Marcel was a writer for a sports magazine who was visiting the village when he got kidnapped. Later on, he reveals that he was fired for going for paranormal creatures rather than sports. He will give Shanoa a camera to take pictures of monsters around the world. He also hints at having some sort of interest in Laura. He's usually the best source of money, as taking pictures of the creatures he requests is generally easy.


Tymeo Mountains, in the very top right corner of the map.


  1. Case of the Vicious Blight:
  2. Case of the Demon Horse:
  3. Case of the Hideous Snowman:



  • He appears to be aware of Shanoa's power to use glyphs, but he mistakes this as witchcraft, and thus, initially calls her a witch. He then decides to be quiet of her powers in exchange for Shanoa to do his missions.

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