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Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Maneating Plant
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
PlantS2 PlantS1 5. Man-Eating Plant  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 4/8
Drop: Half Heart (day), Big Heart (night)
Jam Wasteland/Wicked Ditch
KD Shades Sprite 9. Shades the Carnivorous Plant  [ edit ]
Kid Dracula
' 2. Forest
Plantrob-1- Maneating Plant  (Maneating Flower) [alt] [ edit ]
Rondo of Blood
' HP: 16
Exp: 300
1. Village
Bl-thorn-1- Maneating Plant [Flower]  [alt] [ edit ]
' 5. Versailles
Bl-vine Maneating Plant [Swinging Vine]  [alt] [ edit ]
' 5. Versailles
Circleweed Maneating Plant [Ensnaring Vine]  [alt] [ edit ]
' 5. Versailles
Stonerose-1- 29. Stone Rose  (Man-Eating Flower) [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Mutated plant. Seeds petrify. Strong: Water (resist), Dark (absorb)
Weak: Cut
Level: 8
HP: 60
Exp: 60
Drop: Leather Shield, Meal Ticket
Marble Gallery
Cotmmaneater Man Eater (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Plants
HP: 400
Exp: 700
Atk: 330
Def: 233
Common Drop: Heart (3%)
Rare Drop: Diana Card (1.5%)
Underground Gallery
Stonerose 36. Man-eater  (Man-Eating Flower) [ edit ]
Harmony of Dissonance
' Weak: Fire, Ice
Level: 14
HP: 96
Exp: 55
Common Drop: Potion
Rare Drop: Mirror Pendant (original)
Turquoise (doublepack)
Castle A: Luminous Cavern
Castle B: Luminous Cavern
032 32. Man-Eating Plant  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
An insectivorous plant that acquired a taste for men. Weak: Fire, Knife, Axe
HP: 200
Drop: Hamburger
Garden Forgotten by Time
044 44. Skeleton Flower  [ edit ]
Lament of Innocence
A flower made of bones. Spews a deadly poison. Weak: Fire, Holy Water, Cross
HP: 150
Drop: Serum
Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab, Garden Forgotten by Time
Maneatingplant 72. Maneating Plant  (Man-Eating Flower) [ edit ]
Portrait of Ruin
A carnivorous plant that grew and developed a taste for human flesh. Strong: Electric
Weak: Slash, Fire
HP: 191
Exp: 164
Skill Pt: 6
Drop: Rose Stem Whip
Forest of Doom
Maneatingplant 68. Stone Rose (Man-Eating Flower) [ edit ]
Order of Ecclesia
Once an insectivore, this plant's tastes have broadened. Strong: Thunder, Light
Weak: Slash, Flame
HP: 260
Exp: 150
Skill Pt: 2
Atk: 48
Oblivion Ridge, Argila Swamp
Maneatingplant 14. Man-eating Plant  (Man-Eating Flower) [ edit ]
Harmony of Despair (Strategy)
A carnivorous plant that grew and developed a taste for human flesh. Strong: Lightning, Holy
Weak: Slash, Pierce, Fire, Darkness
Bind: Demonseed
Soul: Red (3.30%) Send pollen flying.
Chapter 2,Chapter 9

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