Malacoda is an enemy in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. He is a long-tailed demon that serves as the head of the dungeon guardians.


Malebranche - 01

The Malebranche threaten Virgil and Dante, portrayed by Gustave Doré.

Malacoda is a demon who appears in Inferno of Dante's Divine Comedy. In the poem, he is part of a demonic troop called the Malebranche, who guard the fifth bolgia of Malebolge. The Malebolge is found in the eighth circle of Hell, Fraud, where corrupt politicians are immersed in burning pitch.


Malacoda acts like his lesser relatives, Barbariccia and Draghignazzo, but he's faster and stronger. If Malacoda spots Soma, he will swoop back and then charge down at high speed with his halberd, inflicting high damage if not avoided.

Enemy DataEdit

99 Malacoda 166 345 79
Tolerance Weakness
Dark Piercing, Slashing, Holy, Stone
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul EXP
The Abyss Kotetsu (8%) - Whip-tail (12%) 333
Description "A long-tailed demon that serves as the head of the dungeon guardians."

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