Circle of the Moon - Alternate Mode - 01

Magician Mode is an alternate mode in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It is unlocked after the game is completed normally. It can be played by starting a new game and typing in the name FIREBALL.


In Magician Mode, all twenty DSS cards are in Nathan's possession by default, giving him access to a huge amount of battle options. Since some card combinations have a constant STR rating, this mode can make early gameplay easy enough, as Nathan has access to powerful attacks for those points in the game.

With the above point in mind, a Magician gameplay begins the player with the following stats:

  • HP: 50 (+5 HP per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • MP: 400 (+40 MP per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • Strength: 71 (+7 STR per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • Defense: 50 (+5 DEF per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)
  • Intelligence: 400 (+40 INT per level up, normally 100 and +10 respectively)

Nathan's Luck, and the amount of Hearts that he starts with and gains per level up is unchanged compared to the normal mode.

The DSS will quickly prove to be the player's best friend in this mode, even up to the point that thanks to the Neptune card combinations, it can potentially double as Nathan's effective health pool, in addition to healing any actual injuries sustained. Even so, care must be taken when fighting without such a benefit, especially in the Battle Arena, as otherwise, Nathan is very weak and will fall after a few hits.

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