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"My sons will feast on your corpse once i finish with you!"
—Cornell about his Lycanthrope army.

Lycanthropes are one of the three main races/groups lead by the Lords of Shadow. They are ruled by the Lycanthrope Dark Lord Cornell.


When the spirit of Cornell left his body, all of his strength and anger was left behind giving birth to the Lycanthrope Dark Lord.

Lycanthropes come about in two possible ways. The first are humans that have been poisoned with an infectious disease known as the 'Werewolf Influenza', which is transmitted, in most cases, by the bite of another Lycanthrope. There is an old saying that goes like this, 'If you are bitten by a Lycan, better to let it gnaw,' and like most proverbs, it is probably true. Once infected with the disease, the transformation process can be completed in only a few minutes, after which the victim's mind will have been replaced with the savage instincts of a ruthless predator.

The second are those spawned from the Dark Lord himself, the Greater or 'pure blood' Lycanthropes. In these cases, their condition is not considered a disease, as the transformation process has been deliberately chosen. The endowment of lycanthropy, however, is not given to just anyone by the werewolf Dark Lord, and only a handful of his more loyal acolytes have received such a gift. The Dark Lord keeps these elite guards for special missions, and they are not only fearsome, but incredibly intelligent and formidable foes in combat.

A part of the Lycanthropes, there are the Wargs, but they seem to be like a species apart from the Lycans, mostly because wargs completely preserve their animal part (walking on all fours, a more wolf-like form), while the Lycanthropes are more 'humanized' (more intelligence, walking upright) that their more bestial kin. In fact, Wargs didn't appeared until the arrival of Cornell, so their origin could be explained in this way: they were originally wolves but thanks to the influence of the Dark lord, they were transformed into a more bestial and huge wolf form, and finally the Great wargs, which are simple wargs, but blessed by their Dark Lord, making them even stronger and bringing them special new powers like: regeneration and improved strength.

After the death of Cornell at the hands of Gabriel Belmont, the Lycanthropes were left without a leader. However, once Gabriel re-emerged as the vampire Dracula, the Lycans (now called werewolves) recognized the Prince of Darkness as their new Alpha. From then on, the werewolves made Bernhard Castle their new home. They would later be responsible for the death of Sypha Belmont.

By the modern era, the Lycanthropes had eventually died out. According to one of City Memorials, the museum of Castlevania City featured exhibits of the supernatural species that had been driven to extinction by the Brotherhood of Light, one of them being the Lycanthropes.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Lycanthropes
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
LoS Werewolf Rendered Lesser Lycanthrope  - see also Werewolf [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
These creatures are humans that have been poisoned with an infectious disease known as the "Werewolf Influenza".(...) Strong: Holy Water x2
Weak: Dagger x3, Fairy, Divine Shield, Crystal x3
Size: Medium
Difficulty: Low
Chapters 1 (bestiary in Besieged Village), 2, 3
GreaterLycan Greater Lycanthrope  - see also Werewolf [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
Greater or 'pureblood' Lycanthropes are those spawned from the Dark Lord himself. (...) Strong: Fairy x2, Light Fairy, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield
Weak: Dagger x3, Crystal x3
Size: Big
Difficulty: Medium
Chapters 2, 3
LoS Warg Rendered Warg  - see also here [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
Little is known about these fierce, wolf-like beasts. (...) Strong: Light Fairy, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield
Weak: Dagger x2, Fairy, Divine Shield, Crystal x3
Size: Big
Difficulty: Medium
Chapters 1 (bestiary in Hunting Path), 2, 3, 6
E3 2009 LOS 013 Great Warg  - see also Warg [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
Some wargs are 'blessed' by the Dark Lord himself which gives them new powers. (...) Strong: Light Fairy, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield
Weak: Dagger x2, Fairy, Divine Shield, Crystal x3
Size: Big
Difficulty: Medium
Besieged Village (+ Bestiary, Chapter 1)
MoFWerewolf Werewolf  (Lycanthrope) [ edit ]
Mirror of Fate
During the dark years of the Lords of Shadow's reign, hundreds of humans were bitten by werewolves and infected with their cursed blood. Dominated by their instincts and rid of their leader Cornell, they occupy the castle to worship their new alpha male, the Prince of Darkness himself. Weak: Oil Flask
Difficulty: 2/5
HP: 100
Exp: 50
Drop: 15 Magic
Ballroom (+ Bestiary), Library, Toy Maker's Funfair, Games Room

Related scrollsEdit

Item Data: Scrolls
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Fallen Knight Scroll - Mirror of Fate [ edit ]
Text: The wolves fell upon me with savagery, throwing me violently to the ground. One of them squeezed my neck in its jaws, somehow without breaking it, as if it wanted to force me to watch as the rest devoured my entrails. I feel each bite rip away part of my flesh... my strength... my faith... Item
+ XP
Find: Kitchen (all)



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