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Lucy Lane
Lucy Lane
Japanese Name
ルーシー・レイン Rūshī Rein (Lucy Lane)

Simon Belmont (co-star, rumored boyfriend)

Lucy Lane is a character in the 1987 Futabasha gamebook The Devil Castle Dracula: The Battle of Old Castle. She is an actress who plays Simon Belmont's girlfriend Mina in the film The Devil Castle Dracula.


  • Her given name, "Lucy", is apparently a reference to Lucy Westenra in the novel Dracula.
  • Depending on the choices the reader makes, Simon (who portrays his famous ancestor Simon Belmont) and Lucy can live happily ever after, or Lucy can become a Vampire and stay by Dracula's side forever.
  • Despite being an official character, Lucy Lane is not canonical to the current Konami official Castlevania timeline.


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