Lorelai is an aquatic creature in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. She's described as a nymph whose voice and beauty lures victims to a watery grave.


The name Lorelai comes from a rock that "murmurs" (actually, reverberations from a nearby waterfall) located in the river Rhine, Germany. One legend associated with this rock involves a young maiden driven to suicide and jumping from it. Upon killing herself she became a siren, luring boats to their demise. The "murmuring" of the rock is said to be the maiden singing.


Lorelai's appearance in Order of Ecclesia is the merging of a mermaid and an angler fish, with a human torso serving to lure her victims and be devoured by the fish-like creature on her back, and a bright red underside acting as the rear of a mermaid. This is emphasized when idle, as the larger 'fish' portion of the creature is rendered semi-transparent, making the creature as a whole appear to be merely like a bright red mermaid, embracing the siren origin for which the creature is named. Upon getting close enough, the player will be attacked with an icy breath attack or simply be swam into.

Lorelai rarely drops Merman Meat. At 1% drop rate chance, it's one of the most difficult items to get in the game. Once obtained, it can be then given to Abram to complete the "Unusual Medicine Components" quest, which adds Super Potions to Jacob's shop.

Enemy DataEdit

45 Lorelai 88 34
Tolerance Weakness
Ice Slash, Thunder, Curse, Stone
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Somnus Reef Merman Meat (1%) - 59 1
Description "A nymph whose voice and beauty lures victims to a watery grave."

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