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List of enemies Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Enemy GalleryEdit

Brotherhood of LightEdit

Castlevania CityEdit

Castle DwellersEdit

Army of SatanEdit

Zobek's SocietyEdit

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Brotherhood Soldier  - see also Sword Armor [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
The tough physical and mental training they are given makes them very efficient in close combat, providing them with iron-clad determination. (...) Castle Siege
Golden-Paladin Paladin  - see also Sniper of Goth [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
Only the purest heart, capable of showing absolute determination and an unswerving faith, will be recognized as God's chosen one. (...) Castle Siege
SiegeTitanPrologue Siege Titan  [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
It is a giant wood and metal automaton, inspired by the stone giants that the forces of Agharta commanded in the Necromancer Wars. (...) Castle Siege
Lieutenant (1) Zobek's Lieutenant  [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
It is rumored that he wears armor forged from metal extracted from the abyss and that he adeptly brandishes a mystical sword by the name of "Masamune," capable of going beyond the material realm. (...)

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