POR-Draculs Castle

Dracula's Castle

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin like the other Castlevania games, has a castle that is divided into many areas.


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Image Name Description
Stage-entrance2 Entrance The entrance to the Castle. The heroes encounter both Wind and Vincent Dorin there. The City of Haze painting can be found here, the one to the Nest of Evil can be discovered (underground) here as well once a certain quest is completed.
Stage-buried Buried Chamber An underground prison that links the Entrance and the Great Stairway.
Stage-greatstair Great Stairway The largest portion of the Castle in which the paintings to the Sandy Grave and Nation of Fools can be found.
Stage-towerdeath3 Tower of Death The mechanical Clock Tower where Death is fought. The Forest of Doom painting can be found there.
Stage-masterkeep3 Master's Keep Stella and Loretta's hideout, filled with dangerous creatures. The second set of paintings are hung here and are guarded by the two sisters.
Keep1 The Throne Room The final stairway leading to the keep where Dracula's private quarters. Cannot be entered until Brauner is fought and defeated.


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Image Name Description
Stage-cityhaze2 City of Haze A Londonian city filled with monsters and a church. Dullahan acts as the portrait's guardian.
Stage-sandy3 Sandy Grave A pyramid full of traps and creatures. Astarte reigns as queen here.
Stage-nationfool Nation of Fools A town and circus that defies the laws of gravity. Legion amasses here.
Stage-forestdoom Forest of Doom A bizarre forest with empty, overgrown buildings and underground caves. Dagon resides there.
Stage-13th4 13th Street A alternate, more sinister, version of the City of Haze. The Werewolf ambushes the intrepid heroes at its end.
Stage-forgotten3 Forgotten City A pyramid buried far underneath the ground in the desert. The Mummy Man slumbers in the central chamber.
Stage-burnt3 Burnt Paradise An even more treacherous and twisted version of the Nation of Fools. Medusa awaits behind her red curtains.
Stage-darkacademy2 Dark Academy An abandoned and dilapidated academy set in a rainy forest. The Creature was created here.
Stage-nestevil Nest of Evil A very dangerous dungeon, located in an unknown dimension. Filled with strange and unique creatures, both peculiar and vicious. At it's end lies the greatest treasure: the Greatest Five Dual Crush.


  • A painting named "Lost Gallery" (where the player encounters Brauner) was never introduced in the title and the exploration rate on the map will still say 100.0% even if the room was never fully explored.

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