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The Castlevania series features a large variety of monsters from classic horror fiction, films, fantasy, and mythology. It is worth noting that while the bulk of these names come from European sources, the list also includes creatures from Latin America and Asia, making the series a kind of multicultural monster collection.

NOTE: Words in Italics encased in paranthesis are the original Japanese names of certain monsters, and words that are not are acceptable translations of the original Japanese name. Links in Bold are English MISTRANSLATIONS of monster names that were used in Castlevania games, and point to the article that contains the latest or most accurate name.

The list is sorted by monster names that are the current English names given for the monsters as of their "most recent appearance!'".

For lists of monsters found in a particular name using the name found in that game, see the Bestiary category.

For a list of monsters that currently have pages, including some alternate names, see the Monsters category.

(This list is far from complete You Can help by expanding it.)

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