Dialogue Data: Lighthouse (edit)
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Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Eugen dialogueEugen

Saving Eugen
(Shanoa finds a trapped villager inside a crystal. She absorbs the Glyph)

Eugen: ...Thank you.
Shanoa: Did the man who bound you say anything?
Eugen: I don't remember hearing his voice, but I saw his eyes. He's got a purpose. I can tell you that. Good or bad purpose? That I couldn't say.
Shanoa: I see.
Eugen: I'm going back to the village. I'm worried about Father Nikolai. And you...
Shanoa: What about me?
Eugen: How the hell'd you get all this way in that flimsy gear? Come see me in the village. I'll suit you up proper.
Shanoa: I'd appreciate it.
(Eugen leaves. Shanoa enters the next room)

Shanoa: He must have passed this way... It's the only path.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 809:59

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 8

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Lighthouse
Background Music: Reunion
When: Saving Eugen

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