For the Portrait of Ruin antagonist, see Brauner.
"I'll drink your blood tonight warrior!"
— Brauner during his fight against Gabriel Belmont

Brauner appears in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. He is portrayed as a vampire of demonic origin, and is a leader of the vampire army, along with his older brother, Olrox.

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Brauner is fought in Wygol Village, having led a vampire raid on the village in an attempt to lure out Gabriel. After Gabriel defeats a big number of Brauner's minions, Brauner engages a single combat with him, Gabriel gains the upper hand by ripping off Brauner's wings and then defeats him by cutting off his right hand with his own sword and lodging the blade in his head, then staking him through the heart with the Combat Cross, killing him.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Lieutenant Brauner
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
LoS Vampire Lieutenant Brauner  - see also Brauner [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
This Vampire is a powerful demon, turned by the Dark Lord long ago. (...) Strong: Dagger, Fairy x3, Light Fairy
Weak: Explosive Dagger, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield, Crystal x2
Brauner (Chapter 5)


  • Brauner is presumably named after the main antagonist of Portrait of Ruin, a once-human painter who became a powerful vampire after the loss of his two daughters during World War I and took control of Castlevania, attempting to use its power to take revenge on the human race Dracula had repeatedly failed to destroy.
  • Unlike his original timeline counterpart he is a Demonic Vampire (a spawn of Hell possessing vampiric powers) who serves a more powerful human-born vampire.