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Cotm legion
Legion as he appears in Circle of the Moon
Japanese name
レギオン Region
Inflicts Curse status on contact


The Legion found in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is very different from other Legions found in other Castlevania games. Instead of being a composed of many full corpses, it is somewhat smaller and is only composed of heads. However, it's still relatively large, has deceivably high and erratic mobility, and will inflict Curse status on contact.

Enemy DataEdit

Cotm legion
Legion レギオン Region 420/540 1,590/2,900
ATK DEF Location
610/760 375/480 Observation Tower, Outer Wall, Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
Cure Curse (5%) Potion High (0.5%)
Resistance Darkness

Note: Second stat listed is the stat of the enemy when it is faced in the Battle Arena.

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