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Balls of Lava that attempt to scathe the hero. Most appear in the Volcano stage of the Game Boy Kid Dracula. One type moves up and down from a lava pit or from a ceiling. Another type has a face and jumps out across the lava pit. A third type is erupted from a volcano, and then rains back to the ground as hard rocks. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness contains giant balls that splash into molten metal, causing hot lava to strike the player.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Lava Balls
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
KD Lava Ball 30. Lava Ball  [ edit ]
Kid Dracula
' 6. Volcano
KD Lava Head 31. Lava Ball  [ edit ]
Kid Dracula
' 6. Volcano
KD Volcanic Rocks 32. Volcanic Rocks  [ edit ]
Kid Dracula
' 6. Volcano

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