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There are several enemies in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon that resemble flying bat-winged female demons. The Succubus is the most basic kind. More advanced kinds, like the Nightmare, Fallen Angel, Lilim, and Lilith attack with rings arranged in a circle around them. Other similar enemies include Harpy and Siren, and Camilla.

Enemy Data: Lady Bats
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Succubus cotm Succubus (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Darkness
HP: 150/300 (*)
Exp: 710/3,100
Atk: 400/670
Def: 350/630
Common Drop: Intelligence Ring (2.4%)
Rare Drop: Manticore Card (1.5%)
Audience Room, Chapel Tower, Underground Warehouse, Battle Arena(*)
Nightmare Nightmare (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Darkness
HP: 250
Exp: 2,000
Atk: 550
Def: 550
Common Drop: Mind Restore (2.5%)
Rare Drop: Needle Armor (0.5%)
Outer Wall
Fallangel Fallen Angel (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Light
HP: 370
Exp: 6,000
Atk: 770
Def: 770
Common Drop: Heart Ex (2%)
Rare Drop: Saturn Card (1.2%)
Outer Wall
Lilim Lilim (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Darkness
HP: 400
Exp: 8,000
Atk: 800
Def: 800
Common Drop: Mind High (2%)
Rare Drop: Dark Armor (0.5%)
Machine Tower (above the 2nd save break the wall after defeating Death)
Cotm lilith Lilith (jpn) [ edit ]
Circle of the Moon (Strategy)
' Strong: Darkness
HP: 660
Exp: 20,000
Atk: 960
Def: 960
Common Drop: Mind Ex (1.5%)
Rare Drop: Sage Robe (0.5%)
Underground Warehouse

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