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Franken The name or term "Kukeiha Club" should not be confused with Konami Kukeiha Club.

Kukeiha Club (矩形波倶楽部, Kukeiha Kurabu lit. "Square Wave Club"), is a band was formed by Motoaki Furukawa along with other composers from Konami.

Founding membersEdit

Primary membersEdit

  • Mami Asano : Keyboards
  • Motoaki Furukawa: All Guitars & Programming
  • Tappy (Tappi Iwase): Drums & Percussion

Guest musiciansEdit

  • Akira Jimbo: drums (Kukeiha Club)
  • Kenichi Mitsuda: keyboards
  • Kenichiro Fukui: synthesizer (Hope / Kukeiha Club)
  • Koichi Namiki: guitar (Kukeiha Club pro-fusion: Tokimeki Memorial)
  • Toyoyuki Tanaka: bass (Kukeiha Club pro-fusion: Salamander)
  • Masato Honda: saxophone

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