Konami Music Masterpiece Collection (コナミミュージック 名曲コレクション Konamimyūjikku Meikyoku Korekushon?) is a compilation of 15 albums and songs from many Konami video games, composed primarily by Konami Kukeiha Club. It was released exclusively in Japan on October 1st, 2004.

The whole package includes music from series like Gradius, TwinBee, Salamander, Parodius, Ganbare Goemon, Contra, and Castlevania, among many others.

Track listEdit

Disc 7 contains music from Castlevania and Haunted Castle:

  1. Castlevania: Naming
  2. Castlevania: Start
  3. Castlevania: BGM #1
  4. Castlevania: BGM #2
  5. Castlevania: BGM #3
  6. Castlevania: BGM #4
  7. Castlevania: BGM #5
  8. Castlevania: BGM #6
  9. Castlevania: Final Stage BGM
  10. Castlevania: Boss Theme
  11. Castlevania: Final Boss Theme
  12. Castlevania: Ending
  13. Haunted Castle: Title
  14. Haunted Castle: Start
  15. Haunted Castle: BGM #1
  16. Haunted Castle: Boss Theme
  17. Haunted Castle: Stage Clear
  18. Haunted Castle: BGM #2
  19. Haunted Castle: Intermission Demo
  20. Haunted Castle: BGM #3
  21. Haunted Castle: BGM #4
  22. Haunted Castle: BGM #5
  23. Haunted Castle: Final Boss Theme #1
  24. Haunted Castle: Final Boss Theme #2
  25. Haunted Castle: Ending
  26. Haunted Castle: Game Over
  27. Haunted Castle: Ranking BGM

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