A comic appearing on a single page spread in Konami Magazine Volume 4 (Sep 1997) as an advertisement for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It shows Dracula and Alucard's reaction upon the death of Lisa and how the fate of mankind depended on what they would do next. The story and artwork was by Ayami Kojima, supervised by IGA. who did the artwork for the game as well.

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Transcript (Japanese)Edit



小島 文美 作

IGA 監修







Transcript (translated)Edit

Special newly written

Demon Castle Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight

Work by Ayami Kojima

Supervision by IGA

Unclean hometown and swallow the thought various left destruction

Father Dracula you lose your love because love Deep

Human beings who walk their own path of destruction

Mother, or was not of had loves the fragility of their

But - there is no all to make sure already -

And this disgusting blood, it was left journey appearance without an end wander in the darkness only ......

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