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Killer Clown
Killer Clown as he appears in Dawn of Sorrow
Alternate name
Throws cards as weapons
Common folklore, horror films, literature

Killer Clowns are terrifying clowns usually occupying dollhouse- and carnival-themed stages. The first of these types of enemies to appear in a Castlevania game, was a toy clown called Pierrot in Castlevania Chronicles. Later versions were human sized and threw playing cards as weapons.


Pogo the Clown - 01

John Wayne Gacy (serial killer) in his characterization as "Pogo the Clown".

Although clowns are originally comic performers and characterized to humor and entertain people, the image of the evil clown is a development in popular culture in which the playful trope of the clown is rendered as disturbing through the use of horror elements and dark humor.

The modern archetype of the evil clown has unclear origins; the stock character appeared infrequently during the 19th century, in such works as Edgar Allan Poe's Hop-Frog. Evil clowns also occupied a small niche in drama, appearing in the 1874 work La femme de Tabarin by Catulle Mendès, and in Ruggero Leoncavallo's Pagliacci, both works featuring murderous clowns as central characters.

The modern stock character of the evil clown was popularized by Stephen King's novel It, published in 1986, which became the first to introduce the fear of an evil clown to a modern audience. Another one of the first appearances of the concept is that of John Wayne Gacy, an American serial killer and rapist arrested in 1978, who became known as the "Killer Clown" after it was discovered he had performed as "Pogo the Clown" at children's parties and other events; however, Gacy did not actually commit his crimes while wearing his clown costume.


Castlevania ChroniclesEdit

First appearance of a clown enemy in the series. Known as Pierrots, they are little toy clowns who appear in the Floating Corridor, along with many other toys. They come out of the chests that conform the platforms of the area where they are encountered at. They move slowly and somewhat erratically, the main concern being they may drop down on Simon from a higher platform without warning while he's fending off against French Dolls, Toy Bats and rising balloons.

Pierrot 3 300
6. Floating Corridor

Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

In Dawn of Sorrow, this is fairly powerful enemy. His soul allows Soma to toss cards in a straight line. Furthermore, it is essential to obtain the good ending of the game, as it is required to destroy one of the three special columns that give access to the rear entrance of the Demon Guest House and face Paranoia.

The noise he makes when killed is shared by the Mud Demon, an enemy found later on within the game.

45 Killer Clown 160 1 42
Tolerance Weakness
- Piercing, Slashing, Poison, Stone, Clockwork (affected)
Location Common Drop Rare Drop Soul EXP
Demon Guest House Hamburger (8%) Three 7s (4%) Trickster (24%) 160
Description "A creepy jester with a murderous intent. Also a shrewd poker player."

Castlevania: Portrait of RuinEdit

In Portrait of Ruin, this enemy is seen tossing cards from one hand to the other, when suddenly three large cards fly at the player while he shouts: "Let's play!". He can frequently be found walking upside-down on the ceiling in places where gravity does not respect the laws of physics.

No. Name JPN HP
39 Killer Clown 110
Tolerance Weakness
- Whip, Slash, Poison, Stone
Location Common Drop Rare Drop EXP SP
Nation of Fools Joker Hamburger 65 2
Description "A murderous clown who's popular at demon birthday parties."

Soul DataEdit

Item Data: Killer Clown
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Killer Clown - Trickster - Dawn of Sorrow
Throw cards as weapons. Bullet Soul
Rarity: **
Drop: Killer Clown
Effect: A playing card is thrown in a straight line to inflict considerable damage.




  • Each time a card connects with a foe (either thrown by a Killer Clown or by Soma), a random picture of one of the game's characters can be seen briefly before it cuts in half:
  • Incidentally, the faces and suits on each card mirror G-Gundam's Shuffle Alliance.


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