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Cod offart55Hector

Julia LaforezeJulia

First Meeting with Julia
(Hector runs down a pathway in the mountains then suddenly stops when he sees a woman kneeling down)

Hector: It can't be... That's impossible... She can't be alive...
(The woman looks up and notices Hector)
Woman: Oh. May I be of service?
Hector: Uh, no... Forgive me. My name is Hector. What are you doing in a place like this?
Woman: I could ask you the same question, sir.
Hector: I am searching for someone. A man bearing the same crest I'm wearing.
Woman: ... And this man... Is he your enemy? Or your friend?
Hector: You sound as if you know him.
Woman: Yes, quite so. Now answer me. Be he your enemy or foe?
Hector: He is my most bitter enemy.
Woman: I see... In that case... I shall help you.
(Hector and the woman start to circle each other)
Hector: Pardon me, m'lady, but by what reason would you offer me this boon? Indeed, by what reason should I trust it?
Woman: Your enemy is my enemy... That is reason enough. If you are a devil forgemaster, you shall need a place to keep your "little friends" safe. Rest assured, you have no reason to refuse my help.
Hector: You seem quite knowledgeable. Who are you exactly?
Woman: A witch. I escaped from the western lands, where we were hunted like vermin. I have the power to envision the future.
Hector: How interesting... And your name?
Woman: Julia. My house is further on. I shall prepare an elixir that may be of use to you. Farewell... for now.
(Julia walks to the back doorway)

Hector: Julia... She is the very image of Rosaly.


4. Curse of Darkness- Julia

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Baljhet Mountains (Around Julia's Shop)
Background Music: Encounter with a Certain Witch
When: First Meeting with Julia
Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart56Isaac Julia LaforezeJulia

An Annoying Interruption
(As Hector and Isaac continue to battle each other, Abel swoops down to attack Hector. Hector ducks the attack, dodges Isaac's spear, then kicks Abel as Abel swoops by again. Hector jumps into the air and punches Abel to the ground then lands back on the ground. Hector dodges Issac's attacks then backflips away)

Isaac: Ah, how gratifying! Your power is indeed returning... But it's still not enough!
(Isaac starts to rush toward Hector)
Julia: Brother!! Stop!!
Isaac: Julia... Return, Abel!
(Isaac pulls his hand inward summoning Abel back. Hector looks toward Julia)
Hector: Brother?
Isaac: What an annoying interruption. Well, so be it. It's still too early to finish you anyway. Regain more of your power first. You'll need it all if you hope to kill me.
Hector: You're not getting away!
(Hector rushes toward Issac)
Julia: No! Let him go!
Hector: (sighs) So, I was taken in... You were in league with Isaac all along.
Julia: Think what you like. But I do wish for you to stop him. Honestly.
Hector: Then why did you keep me from him?
Julia: Because it is too soon. You still lack the strength and spirit to defeat him.
Hector: I know that my strength is still growing. But what do you mean by my spirit--
Julia: You must understand this! My brother is in the venomous grip of Lord Dracula's curse. The desires of a single man mean nothing. The curse rules him.
Hector: Then go with Belmont or one of his vampire slayers. Someone you can be sure of.
Julia: No, Hector. You must be the one to defeat him. My brother had always respected you. Only you can free him from the curse. And also... if you are the one to slay him... only then could I live with it.
Hector: I understand... Of course, he is your brother... Forgive me. I was vexed; I did not mean to offend. I will take my leave of you now... and I will do what I can...
(Hector walks away)

Julia: Be vigilant, Hector. I have an ill feeling. It bodes not well.


11. Curse of Darkness- Isaac 2

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Cordova Town (Town Square)
Background Music: Followers of Darkness -The Third-, The Siblings' Sad Destiny
When: After the First Isaac Boss Fight
Cod offart55Hector

Julia LaforezeJulia

"Do Not Let the Curse Take Hold of You"
(Hector walks along the bridge to Dracula's castle then stares up as the camera scrolls out to show the castle with a full moon in the background. Julia is walking up behind Hector)

Julia: Before you stands Dracula's castle...
Hector: Aye.
Julia: The curse that was unleashed 3 years ago still emanates from it. Does that mean the source of the curse is still present? At this rate...
Hector: It's likely the remnants of Dracula's magic. And all because of me! Damn!
Julia: I know not what happened to you in the past, but there is no time now for regret. We must try to cleanse the castle and dispel the vile curse...
Hector: !! If the curse from demonic power, I may be able to find the source! Indeed, I must, for this is something only I can do.
Julia: Then make haste! If the castle is fully resurrected, it is possible... that Dracula is revived!
Hector: If that is so... We must call Belmont. It is he who slew Dracula before. He can help us now.
Julia: Alas, he cannot.
Hector: But why?
Julia: He's suffered a terrible injury. I barely saved his life, but even now, it hangs by a thread. T'was my brother's work and no other...
Hector: I see...
Julia: A devil forgemaster is easily susceptible to Dracula's magic. Do not let the curse take hold of you! I'm certain that she would not wish you to pay such a price for your revenge.
Hector: So, you know about Rosaly...
Julia: The hour is late. Away to your purpose.
Hector: And you to safety, back to your home.
(Hector walks away. Julia holds up her hands and prays)
Julia: Hector... please do not die...

(Julia walks away)


18. Curse of Darkness- Dracula's Castle

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Outside Dracula's Castle
Background Music: Julia's Advice
When: As Hector approaches Dracula's Castle
Cod offart55Hector

Julia LaforezeJulia Cod offart59Zead

Denying the Curse
(Isaac's Laser Blade flies through the air as Isaac is thrown to the ground. Isaac falls with screaming. Hector rushes toward Isaac in a fit of rage and anger, holding his Laser Blade)

Hector: Die, Isaac! DIE!
(Hector suddenly realizes what he is about to do as a reminder of what Julia said earlier phases through Hector's mind as he comes to his senses)
Julia: Do not let the curse take hold of you! I'm certain that she would not wish you to pay such a price for your revenge.
(Hector lowers the sword while speaking)
Hector: This murderous impulse... This thirst for bloody vengeance... This is not me... T'is the curse! Dracula's curse!
(Hector buries about his hands as Dracula's flaming red eyes are shown above him)
Zead: (claps) Oh-ho, and you would not fall prey to the curse. Praiseworthy, indeed. I wonder why. Was your desire for vengeance weak? Or was your spirit strong? No matter, either way, t'is well finished. Your efforts have been a great boon to me. The moment you wavered was all I needed.
(The coffin lifts Isaac and shuts, floats back under the floor as Hector raises his head to watch. Hector turns his head round)
Hector: Zead! So, you're the one behind all of this!
Zead: You could say that.
Hector: You used me to revive Lord Dracula!
Zead: Even so. Devil forgemasters alone are suffused in my master's magic. Thus, only a devil forgemaster can be the vessel for his reawakening. I knew you would be the best... material. (snorts) Yes, much more so than Isaac. That is why I guided you here. So that you may fully regain your powers.
Hector: Who are you?
Zead: However, for Lord Dracula to be reborn in you, the curse had to take hold of you. When you rejected the curse, you proved to be useless. Truly, t'is most unfortunate.
(Zead whips his hand downward as the familiar blade from earlier slides out from under his right sleeve)
Hector: (shocked) That weapon... You are none other than... Death!
(Zead is shown swinging a scythe as Hector realizes his true form through the priest disguise)
Zead (Death): Soon, my master will enter Isaac's body. Though you were favored, Isaac will do. Dracula will once more walk the night! And as of you, it is time for you to die!

(Black vapours rise from round Zead as he stands with his scythe while preparing to shed his false disguise)


20. Curse of Darkness- Death

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
Background Music: Confrontation -The Second-
When: After defeating Isaac
Cod offart55Hector

CoD Dracula CutDracula Julia LaforezeJulia

One Final Forging
(Dracula staggers backward in disbelief)

Dracula: The transformation... was it... not complete?
Hector: So it would seem.
(Dracula's body starts to glow a purplish colour)
Dracula: The curse. My soul may return to the abyss, but the curse will not be lifted! It will fester in the hearts of humans until they obliterate themselves...
Hector: Have you forgotten? I am a devil forgemaster. I can turn your curse aside... Transform it into something harmless... And so it shall be. Rest in peace.
(Dracula can no longer hold his power over Isaac's body as his essence fades)
Dracula: Groaaaaaah!!
(The essence continues to fade into the air revealing Isaac whose exhausted body hits the floor)
Hector: Now that I reflect upon it, Isaac's madness and Rosaly's death were both caused by the curse. This, then, is the final forge.
(Hector enchants the spell)
Hector: Heed my words, O great powers of darkness! Release to me one of the tortured souls! Let me infuse him with my life-force and awaken him to the world of the living! Immaculate being... Appear before me now.
(Hector focuses the power in both of his hands into a sphere in front of him. His power slowly starts to collect the remnants of Dracula's essence that form the curse)
Hector: It is too monstrous!
(The essence continues to pour into the sphere near Hector then it explodes into a burst of light as Hector crouches in exhaustion. Hector falls to his knees)
Hector: T'is done!
(The throne room starts to crumble round Hector)
Hector: The struggle has ended. I feel I can let go now, and die in peace.
Julia: You look ghastly.
Hector: Julia. Why did you come here?
Julia: I thought you might be contemplating something foolish. Like... "Letting go."
Hector: You see through it all, don't you?
Julia: You've paid your debt, have you not? From this day on, you must live true to your own heart.
Hector: You are wise indeed, Julia... I cannot fall knowing that you would fall with me.
Julia: Now that you realize, we must go. Let us depart. Quickly!
(Julia hits the bottom of her cane against the ground as a portal quickly forms below both her and Hector Julia turns to look toward Isaac's body)
Julia: (sadly) Farewell... Isaac...

(Hector and Julia both teleport away as a column falls where they once were and the whole throne room starts to crumble)


22. Curse of Darkness- Dracula's defeat

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Dracula's Castle 7F
Background Music: Dracula -The Second-
When: After Dracula Boss Fight
Cod offart55Hector

Julia LaforezeJulia StgermainSaint Germain

(Dracula's castle crumbles and breaks apart, as his remaining essence flows out of it in purplish light. A ray of sun shines through the black clouds. Julia staring at the remains of the castle with Hector)

Julia: T'is over at last.
Hector: Even so. I pray this will truly free the people's hearts...
Julia: Those hearts are yet filled with darkness. The cursed has reached deep inside of them. Its mark will not easily vanish. For my brother, only death could erase it. (saddened)
Hector: Julia...
Julia: (hopeful) All the same, people are not such fools. Their hope lies in one another. They shall realize that in time. Scars will fade and be lost to memory... Let us have faith in the morrow.
Hector: Indeed.
(Hector stands with Julia and look off toward the remains of Dracula's castle once again)

(Meanwhile, at Eneomaos Machine Tower)
Saint Germain: Faith in the morrow? Those are fine words... But not for me. As one who travels through time, I see the morrow a bit differently. All the same, the flow of time has stabilized at last. For myself, I think I will go far into the future and see what awaits. There is one great battle yet to be fought -- the final battle between Lord Dracula and the humans. Perhaps they will remember your fight. Or perhaps it will start anew.
(Saint Germain tips his hat to the screen and turns to walk through a portal)

(Julia and Hector walk down a path in the Baljhet Mountains)
Julia: What now, Hector? Where will you go?
Hector: Well... I have many friends I must conceal from the humans. I suppose I'll seek some hidden place where I can live in peace.
Julia: No need to search out such a place... I know of one.
Hector: (enthused) Pray, lead me there. I am in your debt.
Julia: All that you may need you shall find here. If that is fine with you.
(Julia walks toward her shop. Hector looks on behind Julia)
Hector: Well, I suppose... To stay here with you, Julia... T'is not a bad idea.

(Hector walks toward Julia's shop)


23. Curse of Darkness- Ending

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Eneomaos Machine Tower 4F, Baljhet Mountains (Around Julia's Shop)
Background Music: Epilogue ~A Time of Hope and Resolution~

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