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Doppel This page is about the Judgment timeline. For whole Castlevania series timeline, see Timeline.

The Judgment Timeline is a mixture of different periods from where each character are originally from. Only Dracula remembers all characters for he enters the rift and knows every single hero that has defeated him up until Eric. Other occurrences are:

  • Sypha is trapped before she is sent to hunt Dracula in Castlevania III, thus she does not know any of the Castlevania III cast.
  • Grant and Trevor get trapped after the events of Castlevania III.
  • Alucard is also trapped after the events of Castlevania III and Symphony of the Night since he recognizes Maria.
  • Maria, on the other hand, does not know Alucard since she comes from the time period where she is still 15 years old.
  • Shanoa gets trapped during the time Albus escapes in Order of Ecclesia.
  • Eric Lecarde gets trapped before the events of Bloodlines.
  • Dracula's era would be sometime after 1917 (Bloodlines era), since he knows all characters, whereas, only a few recognize him.


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