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Jewels are precious stones that appear in Castlevania. In earlier games, they were items to be sold at shops.

General informationEdit

In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, they were bound to salable rings and were the only items that could be sold. They were also salable in Harmony of Dissonance, again, being the only items salable at shops.

In Lament of Innocence, jewels normally had no apparent function (they were sold at half their purchase value like every other item), but they had a power that could be released when destroyed by using the Jewel Crush item.

In Order of Ecclesia, the jewels themselves have no abilities, but they could be given to Laura the Jeweler, who could make rings available of that jewel type.


Though the relative value of jewels varies from game to game, here is a general ranking of their values:

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