The following sources were used as source material for many of the Item and Weapon articles. None of the authors' own words were used in these articles (except for Wikipedia). Sources that were used in only a single article are referenced in that article. Currently, these only refer to souces used by articles created by Reinhart77.

General Castlevania SourcesEdit

  • Game Faqs [1] - Many of the FAQs used are hosted on Game FAQ's website. Here is a search page[2] for all games with "Castlevania" in their title. When a certain piece of information could not be found in the "primary" FAQs referenced below, some of the other FAQs on Game Faqs were consulted.
  •[3] - Has Faqs and guides for many games. Here is a link[4] to faqs for games starting with "C" as in "Castlevania". When information could not be found in a faq, checked for a faq with the desired information here.
  • Castlevania Dungeon [5] - A great general resource for Castlevania. Some of the pages used for these articles are directly linked elsewhere in this page.
  • Mr. P's Castlevania Realm[6] - Another great general resource for Castlevania. Some of the pages used for these articles are directly linked elsewhere in this page. Some Order of Shadows information was taken from Congo Joe's contribution at [7]
  • The Castlevania Encyclopedia[8] - A newer but growing general resource for Castlevania.
  • Weapon Origins[9] (Castlevania Dungeon) - Contains details on where many of the weapons came from in lore.
  • Castlevania Arsenal Origins[10] (Castlevania Realm) - More details on where the weapons came from in lore.

Symphony of the Night SourcesEdit

  • Walkthrough/FAQ[11] by Zach Keene - Information on item statistics, where the enemies are found, and where to find the items were obtained here.
  • Equipment Guide [12] by Mark Quaintance - Has good descriptions of what the item special abilities do and rates them.
  • Inventory Translation Guide[13] by AstroBlue - Original Japanese names for SOTN items were found here.
  • Symphony of the Night Weaponry[14] (Castlevania Dungeon) - contains images of items in action and good descriptions of what they do
  • Alucard in Action[15] (Castlevania Realm) - images here show what the weapons look like when used by Alucard
  • Normal and Inverted Castle Maps[16] by eastpaw - Shows the exact location of each item in the castle.
  • Symphony Weapons/Items[17] (Castlevania Realm) - Contains icons for all items. Page 2[18] has the weapons.

Aria of Sorrow SourcesEdit

  • Weapons FAQ[19] by AtTheDriveIn - Contains stats and in-game descriptions for all weapons.
  • AoS Weapons[20] (RPG Classics) - Contains weapon types, lengths, elements, find locations, dropping enemies, prices, and when things can be purchased
  • FAQ/Walkthrough[21] by Shlave - In depth analysis on weapons including if it does a multi-hit and where to find enemies that drop them. Used to find contextual details about how to find items.
  • Item Catalog[22] by Darunia409 - contains a list of weapons sorted by attack strength
  • Castle Map[23] by Zeric - shows the exact location of every item found in the castle (other than drop items)
  • Soul Map[24] by Zeric - shows the exact location of every enemy (needed for drop items) found in the castle
  • Aria of Sorrow Weaponry[25] (Castlevania Realm) - Contains large icons for all items. Page 3[26] contains the weapons.
  • Soma in Action[27] - Contains sprites for Soma using each weapon.

(Redundant sources)

  • Da Role Playa's Enemy Data FAQ[28] - contains complete enemy drop item information
  • Soul Collecting FAQ[29] by Redlimit - used to determine the location of enemies that drop items
  • FAQ/Walkthrough[30] by Devin Morgan - Used to find contextual details about how to find items.
  • In-game experience [31]

(personal experience) - Used to edit really lazy and poorly written work.

Dawn of Sorrow SourcesEdit

  • Item List[32] by discoinferno84 - source for item statistics, descriptions, special attack type, and weapon synthesis
  • Dawn of Sorrow Weaponry[33] (Castlevania Realm) - Source for what area to find a weapon in. Weapons are on Page 3[34].
  • DoS Weapons [35] (The Castlevania Encyclopedia) - Contains icons for weapons
  • Bestiary [36] by UltimaterializerX - Source for drop item information as well as where creatures used for synthesis or drop items can be found. Also contains info on Soul's rarity.
  • FAQ[37] by Jae Bird - Source for Japanese names of weapons involved in synthesis. Japanese characters can be read easier in this older version[38].
  • Walkthrough[39] by bucktwenty - Used to locate items in the castle
  • Castle Map [40] by Jae Bird - helped locate some of the weapons with the aid of a walkthrough

Curse of Darkness SourcesEdit

Portrait of Ruin SourcesEdit

  • PoR Weapons[41] (Castlevania Encyclopedia) - contains icons and stats for weapons
  • Inventory Guide[42] by Darth Nemesis - found stats for weapons and items here
  • Bestiary[43] by Dual Green - found drop rates here
  • Anotated Maps[44] by Darth Nemesis - can find out exactly where items are located here
  • Quest Guide[45] by Nyst - Found out how to complete the quests necessary for obtaining items here

Non-Castlevania SourcesEdit

  • English Wikipedia [46] - The contents of many of the articles for the lores of Castleavania items and weapons were copied directly from pages created in the English version of Wikipedia. The source pages are referenced at the bottom of every page. The original pages contain the history for those pages as well as additional links to wikipedia pages outside the scope of the Castlevania Wiki. As with the Castlevania Wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. Wikipedia pages are also linked to for subjects that may need elaboration but do not merit their own Castlevania Wiki page. Some pages temporarily redirect to a wikipedia article if a Castlevania Wiki page is planned for some time in the future.
  • Google [47] - Many special details about items were obtained by searching Google.

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