AoS Nemesis
For the ability and item used to become invincible, see Invisibility Potion.

Invisibility is the ability to render oneself invisible before your enemies in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It can be obtained from Nemesis. Some enemies (such as Alastor and Nemesis) can sense this ability and they will chase you immediately once the effect ends, although they won't sense you with much precision if you're too far away.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Nemesis
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Red Soul Nemesis - Invisibility (Invisible) - Aria of Sorrow [ edit ]
Cloaking shield makes you invisible before enemies' eyes. Bullet Soul
Consume: 65 MP  Rarity: 40
Drop: Nemesis

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