The [Interact] button (which is the same as the Grab button) can be used to interact with objects in Lords of Shadow games.


Item DataEdit

Item Data: Interact
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Grab & Interact - Lords of Shadow [ edit ]
Press the [Grab]/[Interact] button to grab enemies or interact with a glowing object. Small enemies can be thrown against other foes by moving the left stick in the desired direction while performing the grab action. Skill (Basic Action)
First Obtained: Start with
Sequence: [Grab] = [Interact] = R2 (PS3) or RB (XBox 360)
Grab & Interact - Lords of Shadow 2 [ edit ]
Press [Grip / Use] to grab enemies or interact with glowing objects. Skill (Basic Action)
Dracula, Alucard 
First Obtained: Castle Siege
Sequence: [Grip / Use] (Circle on PS3)

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