The Ice Mail is an armor that offers protection against Ice based attacks. It is similar in function to the Armor of Water found in other games which have a Water element type instead of an Ice element.

In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, it gives the normal amount of Defense for an elemental armor, +8, which is twice as much as the Fire Mail, the same as the Lightning Armor and Dark Armor, and 3 less than the Holy Mail.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Ice Mail
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Ice Mail Icon Ice Mail (Ice Breastplate) - Symphony of the Night [ edit ]
Strong vs. ice-based attacks Body (Body Armor)
Attrib: Ice
DEF +8
Find: Clock Tower
Drop: Frozen Shade
Ice Mail - Encore of the Night
Frosty! Chest (Armor)
Attrib: Water Affinity +2
DEF +10
Buy: 2 Gold  Special: Veins of Ice set bonus with Icebrand for Water Affinity +5 and DEF +4
Ice Mail Icon Ice Mail (Ice Breastplate) - Harmony of Despair [ edit ]
Strong against Ice Attacks Chest (body armor)
Soma, Alucard, Jonathan, Julius, Richter, Shanoa 
Attrib: Ice +30
DEF +16
Sell: $3,950 
Rarity: ***