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Horned Demons are powerful demons in Satan's Army in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. They're stronger than normal soldiers of Satan, though it is unclear whether they are soldiers who transformed into more powerful forms or merely infected humans who took especially well to the mutation, similarly to the way that the soldiers are humans who took to the infection better than the weaker Possessed Citizens.

They appear as regular enemies at the end of the game.

Background Edit

The demons, capable of absorbing an enormous number of souls with their purulent bladder, develop enough to transform into colossal horned monsters.

Their new body, made up solely of muscles, tendons and stabbing bones, is driven by the tremendous energy provided by the brilliant organ that beats inside them.

Dozens of soldiers follow them in search of blood through the humans' cities, but only the archdemons have the privilege of occupying the front lines of Satan's army. They are the only ones chosen to conquer the new world in the name of their lord.

"Break and smash my enemies, bathe in their blood and take pleasure in their suffering..." -Satan

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Horned Demons are bigger and tougher variations of Satan's Soldiers, however they have a similar attacks to both Soldiers of Satan and the unique boss Abaddon. like Abbadon, they can strike the ground to release an AoE shockwave and stab at the ground with their limbs (though not a short series of strikes like Abaddon), they can also charge at Dracula, but they cannot summon Posessed Citizens like Abaddon. like the Soldiers of Satan, they can spit out the acid that traps the player and swipe with their claws. However, unlike the Soldiers, they can send out energy attacks with their arms. They also self-destruct like the Soldiers, so be careful of those as well.


  • Although the Horned Demons are re-skins of the graphical model of the unique boss Abaddon, in-universe they are completely unrelated, with Abaddon being a former angel who chose to become a monstrous demon, and the Horned Demons being humans transformed into monsters by a genetically engineered virus. It can therefore be assumed that in-universe, the similarity between their appearances is a coincidence.