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Hit, also known as Bashing, Strike and Blunt damage, is a damage type found in many Castlevania games. It is typically associated with blunt weapons such as Fists and Hammers. In general weapons which deal Hit damage have short range, but it is more rare for enemies to be resistant or immune to Hit damage than Cut damage or the equivalent.

In general monsters vulnerable to Hit are those which resist Cut and vice versa; creatures with brittle bodies like Skeletons or heavy inflexible armor like Armors are most likely to be vulnerable to it, while immaterial enemies like Ghosts and flexible ones like Slimes are likely to be resistant or immune.

Game Specific InformationEdit

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

In general, most attacks in Symphony of the Night which does not deal Cut damage deals Hit instead. While fewer enemies are immune or strong against Hit, the damage type has the major disadvantage of not drawing blood, meaning Alucard cannot use Dark Metamorphosis in combination with a Hit-type weapon.

Hit damage is dealt by Fist weapons including Empty Hand, Clubs, the Nunchaku, several Use items including the Iron Ball, Boomerang, Power of Sire, Monster Vials and Pentagram, and the Bat Familiar's swooping attack. A single sword, the Takemitsu, also deals Hit damage. Several spells deal Hit damage including Soul Steal, Wing Smash, and Wolf Form's charging moves.

Castlevania: Aria of SorrowEdit

There is no formal category for Hit damage in Aria of Sorrow; instead, certain weapons have no elemental damage type set. This creates a sub-class of weapons which all enemies are neutral to in terms of damage. Given these are Fists, Hammers and so on, it is fairly obvious this no-element damage type is the equivalent of Hit.

Since nothing in the game resists or is immune to Hit, weapons like the Mach Punch and Kaiser Knuckle can be useful against enemies with a large number of elemental immunities, such as the Final Guard. The Iron Golem's DEF is so great that most of Soma's attack will only deal 1 damage regardless of type, however, meaning that even a Hit weapon will not be effective against it.

Because dealing Hit damage requires no element type be set, the Tallhammer and Poison Fist are not actually Hit damage weapons, though the latter will not suffer from damage reduction since poison attribute won't have any effect unless the enemy is weak to the attribute.

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