Heavy Brotherhood Warriors fighting Dracula

Heavy Brotherhood Warriors are heavily armoured soldiers of the Brotherhood of Light who were mostly criminals at once. Like other soldiers, they are lead by Paladins and Clerics.


When the great werewolves and wargs drastically reduced the ranks of their armies, the wise men of the Brotherhood of Light understood that their style of battle had become obsolete against these enormous creatures. As a solution, they decided to study the hunting techniques of the Wallachia tribes and adapt them to create new discipline of heavy combat.

The warriors chosen to join this new school, mostly criminals and ex-convicts, had to be over two meters tall and prove a clear aptitude for violence.

Despite the refusal of the most traditional commanders, the heavy warriors ended up becoming a key part of the brotherhood’s war machinery.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

These knights are larger and harder to defeat. They can only be defeated once their armor is broken with the use of Chaos Claws and can often hold Dracula in a tight grip which he can escape from using his mist form or by breaking free on his own. They wield a spiked flail that can be sent out and pulled back with a connected chain and at a distance, will throw out throwing axes to strike their target.





  • The Heavy Brotherhood Soldiers are the only characters beside Simon Belmont who utilize the Throwing Axe sub-weapon in the Lords of Shadow continuity.

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