Hamburger CoD

A Hamburger is a food item that recovers health in the Castlevania series. It recovers 20 HP in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which is one more point than a Frankfurter, but one less than a Pizza. It gives the same amount of health than a Grape Juice or a Miso Soup. It can only be obtained with a Meal Ticket in this game.

Its first appearance was as a food item for Maria in Rondo of Blood and later in Dracula X Chronicles. It also makes an appearance in Lament of Innocence, Dawn of Sorrow, Curse of Darkness, Portrait of Ruin and Order of Shadows.

It is dropped by a Man-Eating Plant in Lament of Innocence, an Executioner in Curse of Darkness, and from a Killer Clown in Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin.

In Harmony of Despair, it is a common item that grants a small amount of HP (+15) and CON (+2). It gives the same benefits as Canelé, except that it is not worth as much gold. It gives one more CON than Popcorn (+1), but much less HP (+40). It is slightly surpassed by the Hot Dog (HP +18, CON +3).

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Hamburger
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Hamburger Icon Hamburger (jpn) - Symphony of the Night [ edit ]
100% US Grade A [use] Food
HP +20
Create: Meal Ticket
LoI Hamburger Hamburger - Lament of Innocence [ edit ]
A food made of fried, minced meat, sandwiched in pieces of bread. Recovery Item
Leon Belmont 
HP +50
Drop: Man-Eating Plant
Hamburger DoS Icon Hamburger (jpn) - Dawn of Sorrow [ edit ]
A food made of fried, minced meat sandwiched in pieces of bread. Food
HP +30
Sell: $50 
Common Drop: Killer Clown
Hamburger CoD Hamburger - Curse of Darkness [ edit ]
A meat patty squashed inside a bun to make it easier to eat. This one has a lot of tasty pickles. Food
HP +20
Rare Drop: Executioner Lv.2/26/47
Hamburger PoR Icon Hamburger (jpn) - Portrait of Ruin [ edit ]
A greasy little burger. Item (Food)
Jonathan, Charlotte 
HP +30
Sell: $25 
Drop: Killer Clown
Hamburger - Encore of the Night [ edit ]
Half-pounder Item (Food)
HP + 25%
Sell: 1S 20C 
Find: Royal Chapel
Drop: Nova Skeleton, Dodo Bird, Bitterfly, Salem Witch, Gremlin, Cave Troll, Schmoo, Salome, Imp, Balloon Pod, Flea Armor, Blade Master, Skull Lord, Harpy, Black Crow, Winged Guard, Yorick, Werewolf, Flea Rider
Hamburger PoR Icon Hamburger - Harmony of Despair [ edit ]
A classic burger, topped with lettuce and tomato. Item (Food)
HP +15, CON +2
Sell: $25 
Rarity: *
Find: Chapter 3