Gypsies are characters appearing in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Their role in the game is usually of being town merchants, while others will provide certain services like allowing the the hero to reach secret areas. A few others lurk in the various cemeteries scattered throughout the country and will present the hero with powerful items if one knows how to make them come out from their hiding places.


Many fictional depictions of Romani people (or gypsies) in literature and art, present romanticized narratives of their supposed mystical powers of fortune-telling or their passionate temper, paired with an indomitable love of freedom and a habit of criminality. The Romani ethnicity is often portrayed in contemporary fantasy literature as possessing archaic occult knowledge passed down through the ages.

Types of gypsiesEdit

Town merchantsEdit

Gypsy merchants can be found walking around most towns or inside of houses. They sell a variety of items, unlike the rest of the villagers in town. Hearts serve as currency to make transactions with them.


Main article: Ferryman

The Ferryman will offer Simon passage down the Dead River to the town of Aldra. However, if he is presented with Dracula's heart, he will take him to Brahm's Mansion instead.

Oak stake merchantEdit

Residing somewhere inside each mansion is a gypsy merchant who offers to sell an Oak Stake for 50 Hearts. This stake is needed to obtain the relic housed inside.

Graveyard gypsiesEdit

The graveyard gypsies appear in two graveyards in Simon's Quest. They love garlic and will manifest to Simon if he places a clove in the correct location of the graveyard. Once found, they will present Simon with special and powerful items:

Traveling gypsiesEdit

There are some gypsies which can be found outside of towns. They will present Simon with items to help him destroy the curse while asking for nothing in return. There's one who provides him with a full supply of laurels, one who gives him a Diamond and one who upgrades his Morning Star to a Flame Whip.


  • A group of gypsies appeared in the original 1897 novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker. In the book, they were faithful servants of Dracula, which probably served partly as inspiration for the characters appearing in Simon's Quest.