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Grim Reaper
Death legends
Grim Reaper's artwork from Legends
Japanese name
死神 Shinigami
(Grim Reaper/Death)


The Grim Reaper is a loyal servant to Dracula, the Demon King. He appears as a boss in Castlevania Legends.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Grim Reaper (edit)
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Reapergb3 Grim Reaper  [ edit ]
This apparition received great power of magic in return for being bound to Count Dracula in an eternal master-servant blood contract. The Grim Reaper also brandishes a very sharp sickle. Soul: Flame
3. Clock Tower


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  1. IGA: 黒たる前奏曲は、ドラキュラの世界観をまったく無視して作られた作品だったため、私がプロデューサになった時に、正しい歴史からはずしました。あくまで同じ世界観をつかった別の世界の物語と考えてくだされば良いかと存じます。 Translation: Because Castlevania Legends was a work that completely ignored Castlevania's look, when I became producer, I removed it from the proper history. I think it would be best to think of it as a story from a different world that used the same look.

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