Dialogue Data: Great Stairway (edit)
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Jonathan dialogue1Jonathan

Charlotte dialogue-1Charlotte Death dialogueDeath

Dracula's Eternal Servant
Jonathan: !!

Death: I thought you would appear. The one who imposes upon my master.
Charlotte: He's swirling with black magic. I've read about him. Dracula's eternal servant... Death.
Jonathan: Dracula isn't this castle's master anymore! Why are you here?
Death: My, what an odd thing to say. This castle belongs to Lord Dracula. To him and no one else.
Charlotte: I get it. You've joined forces with Brauner because you're thinking of resurrecting Dracula, aren't you?
Death: Brauner... Who are you talking about?
Jonathan: There's no point in playing dumb! We already know the current master of this castle is a vampire by the name of Brauner!
Death: Vampire Brauner... Even with my power, I didn't sense that. It seems I have been dormant for far too long.
Jonathan: Don't tell me you didn't know. Well, it doesn't matter. You're connected to Dracula. That makes you my enemy!
Death: Ha! You're no match for me! Your father was much stronger than you. And now he's dead!
Jonathan: (angrily) Don't compare me to my father!!
Charlotte: Calm down, Jonathan! You can't beat him without a strategy!
Death: Oh, and to think he needs a little child to admonish him!
(Death takes his leave with laughter)
Charlotte: !!
Jonathan: Sorry, Charlotte. Whenever someone mentions my father, I just lose it.
Charlotte: That's all right. It's not like you started hating your father just now. But What's the point in getting angry at someone who isn't even here?
Jonathan: It's because he's not here. Listen, My father only taught me the basics of fighting. Then he went and got himself killed, leaving me the heir to the whip! This whip I can't even use. He was always so selfish.
Charlotte: There must have been a reason. You have to understand the truth of why you've had to fight until now without the whip's power.
Jonathan: Maybe so... But now Dracula may be reviving, and I can't even use the power that I'm meant to use! Even though my father could.
Charlotte: That's true, but...
Jonathan: Enough with all this talk about my father. Talking won't change a thing. C'mon, let's go. When Death makes an appearance, Dracula can't be far away.

Charlotte: Yeah, you're right.

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Great Stairway & Keremit Pt07:59

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Great Stairway & Keremit Pt. 6)

Game: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Location: Great Stairway
When: First Encounter with Death

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