GraveDigger Pose A 01 Compo s-1-
Japanese name
Appears in Lords of Shadow
Location Crematory Oven
Health Points
Experience Points
Skill Points
Tolerances Dagger x2, Fairy x3
Weaknesses Explosive Dagger, Holy Water, Crystal x2

The Gravedigger is a boss in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It is fought in Land of the Dead.

The Gravedigger is a boss late in the game, and is the fifth-to-last boss. He is an important servant to the Necromancers and gives them their supply of undead. In the Fire Crematory, where he is fought, he locks Gabriel in and summons Creeping Corpses to fight him before confronting Gabriel himself. When defeated, he falls, and attempts to bring Gabriel down with him with his tentacles, but fails.


The Gravedigger's job is to get the corpses into the crematory, using his giant shovel. He also commands the corpses of the dead, since he summons Creeping Corpses upon Gabriel during their battle. Before he is fought, he raises a door to prevent Gabriel from reaching him, and Creeping Corpses sprout out of the ground and jump in some coffins which are scattered around there. After they've been dealt with, the door is lowered and Gabriel can proceed.


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61-hud boss gravedigger
He is very different from the previous Grave Digger. He is much taller, wears no coat, appears to be at least partially made of stone, and wears a strange helmet over his head that can open and release a set of four tentacles. Whether or not these tentacles actually ARE the Gravedigger's head, or simply extruded from it, is unclear.



  • It could be said that this incarnation of the Gravedigger bares more than a faint resemblance to Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, as both are very muscular and physically powerful, both carry large blades (Pyramid Head's Great Knife and Gravedigger's shovel), and both wear bizarre looking helmets that house tentacles. Note that both games are published by Konami, so this may have been done on purpose.

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