For the boss called "Gobanz" in Japan, see Death Bat.

Gobanz is a boss in Castlevania: The Adventure.


Gobanz is the first boss in Castlevania: The Adventure, an armored hulking creature that wields a retractable club-like weapon. He advances slowly from one side of the screen, stopping every couple of steps to unleash his weapon for a ranged attack. His armor will reflect any fireballs shot from Christopher's whip (reflected fireballs are harmless to Christopher as well).

He makes a reappearance as a normal enemy in the last stage of the game.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Gobanz
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Gobanze2 10. Gobanz  (Zeldo) [alt] [ edit ]
This servant of Dracula is huge and strong. One knock of his club can put you out of action. (...)(*) Exp: 3000 (boss), 200 (enemy)
1. Forest, 4. Castle