List of glitches in the Castlevania series.


In the title screen, wait until the second demonstration appear and start a new game. There will be no music in the first stage until the player reaches the first boss or loses a live.

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

By using the Succubus soul, it is possible to cause a glitch that will allow Soma Cruz to get into inaccessible areas and break the sequence of the game. To do it, one must equip the Succubus soul and a weapon with a warp attack (Cinquedia or Cutall). Activate the Succubus soul, and right after Soma does the hug, use the weapon's special attack to keep the red aura of the soul, do three quick normal stabs, and use the special again. If done right, the red aura will disappear while Soma is in the or behind the nearby wall, and cancel out the rest of the attack. If Soma is in the wall, he will be moved upwards.

By using this glitch in the first Save Room from The Abyss to go through the left wall, Soma will be forced out the wall, but as there is no room behind or above, he will scroll upward continuously through the map. After some time, he will stop scrolling and can return to the Save Room by "walking", ending up in the room just outside it, with all weapons, souls, Julius' whip, Alucard's sword, and several Julius Mode Sub-Weapons and Spells as souls.

Castlevania: Portrait of RuinEdit

There exists a well-known glitch in the Tower of Death stage which may corrupt the user's save file the next time they use a Save Point, rendering the game unplayable anymore. This occurs if the player tries to skip the dialogue after defeating Death by pressing the START button. To avoid this from happening, the player may just scroll through the text quickly. If they want to make sure the glitch didn't come into effect, they may exit Death's boss room and re-enter it again. If the clock in the background looks normal, the player may then continue and save their game if they want. If, on the contrary, one of the portals from Death's chain grappling attack is hovering in the middle of the room, that means that the glitch took effect. The player is then advised to reset the game and continue from the last point they saved normally.

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