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Glasya Labolas
Glasya Labolas as it appears in Portrait of Ruin



Glasya Labolas is a demonic hellhound with large, powerful wings.


Dictionnaire Infernal - 22 - Caacrinolaas - 01

Illustration of Caacrinolaas by Louis Le Breton, from the Dictionnaire Infernal.

In demonology, Glasya-Labolas is a mighty President (and Earl to other authors) of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of demons. He is the author and captain of manslaughter and bloodshed, tells all things past and to come, knows all sciences, gains the minds and love of friends and foes causing love among them if desired, incites homicides and can make a man invisible.

He is depicted as a dog with the wings of a griffin.


Castlevania: Portrait of RuinEdit

This quadrupedal creature wanders halls, lunging at the heroes and breathing poisonous gas. If the character comes into contact with this gas, he or she will be afflicted with the Poison status ailment.

No. Name JPN HP
84 Glasya Labolas 155
Tolerance Weakness
Dark Fire, Holy
Location Common Drop Rare Drop EXP SP
Great Stairway 183 3
Description "A demonic dog with large, powerful wings."

Castlevania: Harmony of DespairEdit

No. Name JPN HP MP
24 Glasya Labolas
Tolerance Weakness
Strike Slash, Ice, Poison, Petrify, Curse
Chapter Drop Soul
Lord of Unseen Strings, The End of Chaos, Esquisse of Violence Acidic Bubbles Bullet Soul (2.80%)
Description "A demonic dog with large powerful wings."

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Glasya Labolas
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Acidic Bubbles - Harmony of Despair [ edit ]
Create poisonous bubbles. Bound Spell
Consume: 15 MP  ATK +4
Rarity: ****
Bind: Glasya Labolas
First Obtained: Chapter 2
Glasya Labolas - Harmony of Despair [ edit ]
Generate poisonous bubbles. Bullet Soul
Attrib: Poison
Consume: 15 MP 
ATK +4
Rarity: *
Steal: Glasya Labolas (2.8%)

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