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Giant Spiders that often hang down from webs. They may shoot webs or smaller spiders at the protagonist.


Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Spider
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
SpidS1 SpidS2 4. The Spider  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/32
Drop: Small Heart (day), Half Heart (night)
Denis Woods, Aljiba Woods / Laruba Mansion
Spiderc3 13. Giant Spider  [ edit ]
Dracula's Curse
' 3. Forest, 7. Mountains, 8. Entrance, A. Clocktower 2
Gb2-spider 11. Spider  (Giant Spider) [ edit ]
Belmont's Revenge
' Plant Castle, Chapel
Cv4-spider 38. Giant Spider  [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV
' HP: 16
Exp: 0
Atk: 3
2. Forest/Lake/River, 8. The Dungeons
Cvleg-spider Spider  [ edit ]
' HP: 3
Atk: 1
4. Top Floor
Lod-Spider Spider (Child Spider) [ edit ]
Legacy of Darkness
' Strong: 1
Drop: Cure Ampoule, Red Jewel, or Roast Chicken
TAR SPI Spider  [ edit ]
The Adventure ReBirth
A giant spider that feeds on its prey underground.(*) 4. Chapel
LoS Spider rendered Giant Spider  - see also here [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow (Strategy)
These monsters are the largest type of known arachnids. (...) Strong: Fairy, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield
Weak: Dagger, Crystal x3
Size: Big
Difficulty: Medium
Drop: Light Gem (once)
Chapter 2, 6


  • In the Captain N: The Game Master animated series, a Giant Spider made a short appearance in the episode "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain".

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