Dialogue Data: Giant's Dwelling (edit)
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Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Daniela dialogueDaniela

Saving Daniela
(Shanoa finds an old woman trapped in a crystal. She then absorbs the Glyph to free the villager)

Daniela: Oh, are we done already? Well, that's rather disappointing, isn't it?
Shanoa: Disappointing?

Daniela: You're not that rascal from before. Your voice is different. You're like a doll--pretty, but there's something missing... Say, is the man not coming? I promised him a cake... Oh well. Tell him I'll be waiting. Oh, yes, I'm Daniela. Nice name, isn't it? Aunt Michelle gave it to me. Well, home I go. Don't worry. Old Dracula himself wouldn't bother with blood this stale...

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Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Giant's Dwelling
Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogueAlbus

Another Dominus Given
(Shanoa encounters Albus again)

Albus: You seem to be feeling better. Impressive work; finding me and all.
Shanoa: A blind man could have found you. You left a trail...
Albus: Just like when we were children playing tag. Once you started to cry, I'd feel terrible and let you win.
Shanoa: What are you getting at?
Albus: Why not try it now, and perhaps I'll let you catch me.
Shanoa: ...Try crying? You know I can't. I don't remember any of that.
Albus: Apologies Shanoa, but no tears, no deal... Still, it'd be a shame to leave you empty-handed.
(Albus conjures another Dominus)
Shanoa: Again... What are you doing?
Albus: Oh, just accept it. It's a gift. Besides, it's what you came here for.
(Shanoa absorbs the Dominus)
Albus: Shanoa... Do you know what the Dominus is?
Shanoa: The ultimate Glyph, of course. The one that can destroy Dracula.
Albus: Half-right. But think about it: where does a Glyph's power come from? Nothing comes from nothing, after all. What do you suppose Barlowe used to create his precious Dominus?
Shanoa: Hmph... What?
Albus: They used Dracula, Shanoa. Dominus is made from his remains. That's HIS power. Nothing less.
Shanoa: Dominus is...? It can't be true.
Albus: Ask the old man if you think I'm lying. And be quick about it; I'm very nearly done with all this.
(Albus suddenly vanishes)

Shanoa: Master Barlowe... Is Albus telling the truth? I have to find out.

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Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Giant's Dwelling

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