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Gear Steamer
Gear Steamer as it appears in Bloodlines
Alternate name
Card Gear Steamer
Controls magnetic fields
Original Castlevania lore


Gear Steamer is a boss in Castlevania: Bloodlines and appears at the end of the Munitions Factory level. It is an enemy conformed by several gears controlled by what appears to be telekinetic, magnetic or magical energies (or maybe even a combination of these) to give it the appearance of a giant humanoid. A central orb hovers at the center of its body, which seems to be the enemy itself controlling the rest of the gears.

The monster can acquire many forms by reallocating the position of its gears. It can toss gears at the hero, either in a straight line or in arcs, while wailing its arms; jump through the room while somersaulting; hover and spin around while making a sweep through the room; or "dive" into the ground and "swim" to the other side.

Gear Card

Death's Gear Steamer card

Only its central orb can be damaged and every time it receives a hit, the gears will tighten more toward it, gradually reducing the creature's size. Once it has received enough damage, the gears will expand again, rendering the creature to its original size in a final attempt to stop the hero.

This boss makes a final appearance as part of Death's fight in Castle Proserpina. Aptly named Card Gear Steamer this time, hitting the IV card Death spins around the room will take the hero to fight a weaker version of this creature.

Enemy DataEdit

Name Alt. Name
Gear Steamer -
4. The Munitions Factory

Name Alt. Name
Card Gear Steamer -
6. The Castle Proserpina

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