Gear Card

Death's Gear Steamer card in Bloodlines.

In some levels, usually clock and machine tower levels, Gears will sometimes detach from their shafts and physically damage the player while moving about the stage on their own.

In Castlevania Chronicles, Gears will pop out of the background and start randomly rolling across platforms and down stairs, occasionally jumping in place.

In Bloodlines, two attached gears will swivel about the room and attempt to damage the hero. A boss composed of many gears called the Gear Steamer also appears in that game. It can change into several forms, toss smaller gears (straight or in arcs), hurl itself through the air, or speedily chug forward. Only its center orb can be damaged. This boss is also fought again near the end of the game when Death pulls out its card and transports the hero to fight it once more.

The Crazy Armor in Curse of Darkness is a mixture between the the Armor Battler and Gear Steamer from Bloodlines, and is an armor held together by gears.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Gear Creatures
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Scv4gear 69. Gear  [ edit ]
Super Castlevania IV
' A. Clocktower
Chronicles Gear Gear  [ edit ]
' 5. Clock Tower
Bl-gear Small Gear Creature  [ edit ]
' 4. The Munitions Factory
Gearman Gear Steamer  [ edit ]
' 4. The Munitions Factory
Bl-steamer2-1- Card Gear Steamer  [ edit ]
' 6. The Castle Proserpina
COD-020 20. Crazy Armor Lv.9  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness
Cast-off pieces of armor brought together by an evil intent. Does nothing but attack all it sees. Weak: Thunder
Level: 9
HP: 1330
Exp: 50
Steal: Galtite
Abandoned Castle